It’s better to recharge while staying at home


Judgment basis: Whether the product can continue to generate topics without active guidance.

Example: In the community of an online education product, the topics of user communication are mainly learning (questions that they don’t know, exams, etc.) and life (school fun, personal emotions, etc.).

Operational goals

Promote, retain, transform (AARRR)

  • User Acquisition Acquisition

The most effective way to acquire users is advertising, but when the budget is small or zero cost is needed to acquire customers, Ozawa believes that the most effective way is still fission, but we should obtain initial traffic from KOL, Tieba, Douyin, and tribe. , Weibo, Competitive Product Group, etc.

  • User activation Activation

For example, in a certain educational product community, operating personnel activate the group through a series of actions, thereby activating community users, and guiding users to register and use apps through low-cost courses.

  • User Retention

In the online education product community, users are retained in special courses/classes through paid courses (regular courses, low-cost courses), and subsequent payment guidance (class registration, renewal, etc.) and user fission guidance are carried out.

  • User Recommend Referral

Use the characteristics of the product to generate user recommendations and expand user coverage with viral marketing. (Word of mouth)

  • Business Income Revenue

In the online education product community, operating personnel promote the conversion of regular courses through a series of actions.