I have never written a diary on my blog, today is the first one~
Write a journal first hahaha:
On April 14th, RIPE approved my ASN application, and I got my first autonomous system number AS205794 in my life,On the 8th, I broadcast a segment of my own IPv6 address 2a0f:9400:7700::/48 through vultr’s private ASN (changed to my own on the 15th), in Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York , Miami has pops,I took a brief look at what Anycast looks like.On the 7th, I switched the web server from Caddy back to Nginx (but this time it was the quic branch),Last month, I used the development board to build a recursive dns on the intranet. After tossing around with bind9, unbound, and powerdns, I finally found that Public dns is easy to use. I threw the blog from the local to Github and used Actions to build it automatically…
Hmm…getting to the point haha:
It seems that since entering 2022, there have been all kinds of tossing, and some are still tossing and tossing, it seems that it seems to be meaningless & consumes a lot of time and energy, which may also affect some normal study life,When hobbies and hobbies have affected what you should do, there may be certain problems, and you should reflect on it. Although No zuo No die, there is also a saying that No zuo No huo, Having said that, it should be stopped for a while, so after a few days of thinking, I decided to let go of these first, then, let’s end it early in 2022! The next focus is mainly on learning, um… There are also two co-construction projects of Socialwiki, “Yugong Moves Mountains” and “Sleep Well”, as well as the daily maintenance of the DNSPod user group, generating electricity for love haha~In any case, the next thing is to focus on stability, no more tossing, life is endless, and the tossing is over! But the struggle doesn’t stop there.
April 17th, 2022
Written at 归去如风