It’s better to learn knowledge while staying at home, and write down notes based on the actual situation here.

The concept of community:

A community is an organization formed by a group of people who have similar interests (interests, goals). This organization has rules (entry threshold, group rules, exit mechanism, etc.)

Hobbies (interests, purpose): such as learning exchanges, job hunting, etc.

For example: The group rules of the student union of an online education product: Welcome to join the Tencent Penguin tutoring learning exchange group~ This group will provide you with targeted live video of famous teachers, and the famous teachers will answer questions and answer questions regularly, and will provide general subjects according to Information and corresponding sub-subject consultation~ The planning teacher who is equipped with penguin guidance in the group can help you solve problems about learning planning!

In order to work together with group friends to become a high-quality group, please read the group rules:

1.In order to facilitate students to know and communicate with each other, it is recommended that students entering the group modify the group remarks according to the [college entrance examination year + province + nickname]. (If you see the unchanged classmates, you can remind each other~)

2.It is forbidden to swipe the screen, curse or provoke. Violators are prohibited from speaking or air tickets. Advertising is prohibited. Pornography, horror, disgusting, intensive and other uncomfortable videos or languages ​​are prohibited. Violators will be withdrawn, and if the circumstances are serious, they will be kicked out of the group chat.

3.It is forbidden to forward other institutions’ related materials, course links, etc. Selling online courses of unknown origin to classmates is also not allowed.

4.Sending red envelopes in the group does not restrict freedom, but please do not send red envelopes when someone is discussing study, which will affect the efficiency of students’ learning.

I hope that the members of the group will supervise each other, and everyone is also welcome to chat privately with the administrator to report offenders, and those who perform well will be rewarded! In addition, suggestions are welcome, and we will adopt good suggestions~ We welcome everyone to chat about learning problems in various subjects in the group and make progress together~

The role of the community:

  • Same needs: interest and purpose
  • Social needs
  • Close the distance between products and users
  • Community co-creation content (from PGC to UGC)
  • Self-propagation

PGC: (full name: Professional Generated Content) Internet term refers to professionally produced content (video website) and professionally produced content (microblog). It is used to refer to the personalization of content, the diversification of perspectives, the democratization of communication, and the virtualization of social relations. Also known as PPC, (Professionally-produced Content).
UGC: Internet terminology, the full name is User Generated Content, which is user-generated content, that is, user-created content. The concept of UGC originated in the Internet field, that is, users display their original content through the Internet platform or provide it to other users.

Community operations:

-Essence: The essence of Community operations is to manage C-end users around products and services
-Core: The core is to manage user expectations in order to achieve operational goals

C has the definition as: Consumer, Client; if “Consumer” is taken, it means consumer, individual user or end user, and the client is used. For example: QQ, WeChat, Tencent News, NetEase News, NetEase Cloud Music, etc.


Xiaomi’s early community operations

  • Product audience: people who have heard of Xiaomi phones, product users, people who use Xiaomi phones, product fans Mifen
  • Community operation: through offline activities of the “Mi Fan” QQ group forum, let “Mi Fans from different regions participate in suggestions and discussions on improving product experience”
  • Operational purpose: brand recognition, loyalty, consumption behavior of “changing Xiaomi phones in one year”, communicators of Xiaomi influence and counterattacks of negative public opinion
  • Specific operation: Lei Jun’s Weibo interacts for one hour a day, and technicians make 150 replies a day