What is a copywriter?
The copywriter is the salesperson sitting behind the keyboard. (A pure salesperson)

What is advertising?
The purpose of advertising is not to please others, entertain the audience, and win prizes, but to sell the product. (The most funny, interesting, special, or most provocative advertisement is not necessarily a good advertisement. Advertisers should not care about whether people like his advertisement or whether they think his advertisement is interesting, but should care whether Can increase product sales for advertisers.)

Are artistic advertisements necessarily good?
The beautiful advertising copy does not mean that he can persuade more consumers to pay. Low-cost advertisements, although only simple text, can attract consumers to pay the most.

What is the difference between creative personnel and practitioners?
Creative staff: I hope I can write unique and ingenious copywriting and launch amazing advertising.

Practitioners: Increase sales for customers with the lowest budget.

What is sales?
Luther Brook defines sales as: putting 100% of the focus on how to get readers to trade with you.

What are the difficulties in sales and artistic performance?
Artistic performance: write text with a sense of beauty.

Sales effect: In-depth understanding of products or services, digging out the reasons why customers buy products, and then forming these concepts into the copywriting that consumers are willing to read and understand that the second phase is willing to respond. Only such copywriting can be persuasive and can make consumption People can’t help but want to buy the goods in the advertisement.

What do some experts in the advertising industry think about advertising, copywriting, creativity, and sales?

Find the uniqueness (selling point) of the product, and then present it in an appropriate way, straightforward.

Direct marketing is the only advertising form that can objectively measure the effect. (Direct marketing is a social or management process in which profit is the goal, and offer information is released to target market members through personalized communication media in order to seek direct responses (inquiries or orders) from the other party.)

The task of the copywriter is not to create the desire of the public, but to guide the desire to where you want it.

Respect the judgment of consumers and make them believe in the value of goods.

While selling goods, avoid showing one’s own existence.

Copywriting must do the following three points:

Attract attention

Achieve communication effects

Convince consumers

Has the advent of the Internet changed copywriting skills?

Due to the fast communication speed, easy access, simple operation and low cost, marketing has undergone major changes, from traditional flyers and other methods to banners, including emails, text messages, circle of friends, group chats, websites and apps. Pop-up window and so on.

But the point is: the Internet has not changed human nature.

What has changed on the Internet?

Delete all redundant words

We are flooded with information, but knowledge is poor. Try to make your copy work relevant to consumers, understand what consumers care about, and express their needs, desires, worries, and expectations in advertisements.

After the baptism of the Internet, consumers have become quite sophisticated. They know how to dodge sales, are more able to distinguish exaggerated publicity, become more and more suspicious, and prefer advertising materials with educational value, because this kind of advertising respects their judgment and does not treat them as fools, and at the same time conveys what they think Information that can help solve problems and make purchasing decisions.

The sales target is busier than in the past and time is more limited. The convenience and speed of shopping have become an important selling point, and the focus is on saving consumers’ time.

Why has the writing skills of copywriting increased?

Consumers are more educated

Easier to be skeptical


Nick Osborn said in his book “Internet Copywriting”: “Click on your favorite website, remove the glamorous design and technology, and finally, only the text is left. This is to make a distinction on the Internet. The last resort is also the best way.”


Good copywriting is not necessarily gorgeous but can attract users and let users know that your product meets their pain points

Don’t use users as fools, sincerity is better than any routine